Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why stop

9AM - Why stop?
MsTioga and I are traveling a route right now that we have traveled many times before.  We are back in Lompoc again.  We could go into our blog's archives and read about when we first arrived in the Town of Lompoc.  And we could read in those archives about each time we returned to Lompoc again.

There is no doubt that the excitement that we had in prior years is diminished now.  We no longer explore as much as we used to do.  So what should we make of this understanding?  Should we consider stopping our traveling.  Just stay in one place and accept our fate?

MsTioga and I say, "No!"   We are not going to stop!  We are vagabonds and enjoy our lives most while moving down the road.  And we will continue to do just that as long as we are able!

11AM - Solvang for pancakes
We are in the Town of Solvang so that I may get Swedish pancakes for breakfast!  The pancakes arrived big and thin.  What makes them Swedish?

3PM - Gaviota State Beach
MsTioga and The Team have made their Nite Camp at Gaviota State Beach. Did you know that seagull in Spanish is Gaviota?

There are about six other RVs camping at Gaviota.  All of these RVs appear to be owned by seniors.