Monday, October 31, 2011


30 seconds to Sunrise
Where should we make Camp this morning?  San Diego has sooooo many choices.  Maybe Ski Beach?  Or Crown Point?  Dana Point?  Shelter Island?  Coronado Island?  We decided on Mission Bay Park.  As MsTioga arrived at our Morning Camp, the view over the waters of Bonita Cove looked gorgeous.

New Mavicita and I rushed outside to capture the pano pic below.  It is 30 seconds to Sunrise. Wow!
30 seconds to Sunrise over Bonita Cove

8AM - Feeling great!
I am feeling really great this morning.  After awakening, while still in bed, I was thinking about that.  So far in my life I have no aches. No hurting joints. My brain seems to be operating OK. MsTioga and I are camping in the perfect climate of San Diego. Everything is going so well for us!

Could it be that the main ingredient of my well-being is my new healthy diet? I think that this might be true. I have noticed that I have hunger pangs again instead of the always full feeling. It may be my imagination, but it seems that the fat around my waistline has reduced. I seem to be fitting in my blue jeans better!

1PM - Don't eat all the fries
This morning, John and I went on a bike ride together.  We went the inland route along the coves of San Diego Bay.  Then cut over to the "along-the-beach" bike path to Pacific Beach to where the Konos coffee shop is located.  After a couple of hours, we drove to Five Guys Burgers for lunch.

The trick at Five Guys is to not eat all the fries because an order of fries is sooooo large!
Five Guys-Pacific Beach

Gorgeous day

Sunday, October 30, 2011


9AM - Eating challenge
You may have guessed from reading here that I am challenged with eating.  For much of my life I've used food sort of like a pacifier.  For example, when something on MsTioga broke, I would treat myself out to a nice meal.  I knew in my heart that this was not a good thing.

You likely also know that most of us have to eat less as we grow older in order to avoid gaining weight.  For me, gaining weight was not so bad as gaining inches around my waistline.  Lately when I took pics of myself, often I would not publish them because I appeared fat.  The way I looked impacted self-esteem.  I had to do something!  I did not want to turn into one of those old guys with a giant gut.

For the past several months I have been experimenting with eating differently.  What I've settled on for now is a goal of eating less meat and more vegetables, fruits and nuts.  One of the biggest impacts with my food changes has been with eating out at restaurants.  My eating goal practically eliminates all restaurants!

Yesterday here on the mesa where MsTioga and I Nite Camp, I found a restaurant called Sipz Fusion Cafe [link].  Sipz uses only soy meat or tofu.

Would you believe that I did not know anything about tofu?  I had to ask the waitress to explain tofu to me.  I ordered "Almond Chicken", and it was wonderful!

Blue sky

Saturday, October 29, 2011


9AM - Life changes
In 2003 when we started out on our search for adventure together, MsTioga had only 12 years and 53,746 miles.  I was in my 65th year.  This morning, MsTioga is in her 20th year and has 138,571 miles.  In a few weeks, I will celebrate my 74th birthday.

Both MsTioga and I have changed quite a bit during this time.  We began our adventure full of excitement for the unknown things that we would find.  We were unafraid and naive.  So much happened to us during those years.  Day by day, mile by mile, both MsTioga and I got older.  I sometimes wondered who would last the longest.  MsTioga or me.  I still wonder, but the answer is a bit clearer now.

When I stand back and look at MsTioga, she appears energetic and new.  Up close you can see MsTioga's scrapes and bruises.  But she is in good shape!  I on the other hand have turned into an old man during these years.  When I see myself walking in the reflection of a store window, I am shocked to see an old man walking in the mirrored image.  My head slightly bent over.  Everybody walks faster than I do now.  Even when I try to keep up with other walkers, they outdistance me.

I am more content now to stay in one place.  Searching for adventure seems less attractive now than watching the day drift by.  So, when I read yesterday that my blog is a bit boring, I fully understood.   But you knew years ago that this might happen.  At least you did if you thought about it.

We have worked hard on our blog to make it easy for you to move thru our journey to any year of our travels.  So, if today is boring, go to the archives and live in those thrilling days of yesteryear!

Note: Click [here] to see a day in 2006 that I love!

Clear sky

Friday, October 28, 2011


9AM - When does stuff get finished?
Some email arrived wondering about the solar panel tilt assembly.  Two readers asked about the status of the job, wanting pics.  You may recall that the wood tilt assembly rotted fast.  So, we decided to change the wood to aluminum. Well, because I have to do this stuff up on MsTioga's roof, that work is hard for me to do.

When I was younger, getting things done was important to me. Now, that kind of stuff does not seem important anymore. So, I decided not to be concerned about when this job gets finished. Actually, when I think about it, lots of stuff around here hangs fire.

Eventually, the tilt assembly job will get finished. I'll write about any progress here in my blog.

PS: A 1/4-20 tap was bought for the tilt assembly job. That tap broke a couple of days ago. This morning I'm buying a new tap.

1PM - Walking tricks
I've no big problem with my eating routine.  But I do have a problem with my exercising.  I just don't go walking enough!

So, I've taken up some walking tricks.  When going shopping, I trick myself by parking several blocks away from the store.  When I arrive at a Day Camp, I have to go walking immediately.  If I put off walking until later, I may never walk!

Blue sky

Thursday, October 27, 2011


8AM - The weather
Just passed 6am this morning, MsTioga was already on her way to our Morning Camp at Crown Point. It was still dark then. But a few minutes later as we began our descent from the mesa, we could see the dawn breaking. Not a cloud in the sky! This would be a gorgeous day.

The weather got us to think about our friends, Jonna and Mimi who live on the Yucatan Peninsula in eastern Mexico. Hurricane Rina has been their weather. We were concerned about their condo which is right on the eastern coast. We read on their [blog] about the storm and rain.

MsTioga and I are so happy that we are vagabonds who travel to where the weather is best.

9AM - Losing pinches
Did I ever mention that the TiogaRV Team does not have a scale on board?  I am not much interested in my weight.  My concern is how I fit into my pants!  When I have to unbutton my pants to feel comfortable, that's a clue that something needs changing.

I keep track of how fat I am by pinching my waistline flab.  Lately, I seem to be losing pinches soooooo fast!  In fact, sometimes I find myself pinching waistline 2-3 times an hour because the amount of my shrinking seems impossible.

Sunny day

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warm feet

6AM - Warm feet
Please understand that I am a food dummy.  Although I've been writing about changing my diet and the results achieved from those changes, I am not an expert in foods and nutrition.  So please do not make changes in your diet based upon what I write here.

A couple of days ago I wrote about how my finger nails recently seemed to be growing faster, were stronger and looked more healthy. I did not make the assumption that my changed diet might be responsible for healthy finger nails until I noticed that something else had changed too.

My feet got warmer!  Yes, I know how silly that sounds. But over recent years I began to get cold feet. Even when I went to bed and would wrap my feet in the blanket, my feet stayed cold. Well, lately I noticed that my feet did not get so cold anymore. And when my feet did get cold at nite, wrapping them in my blanket got them warmer pretty fast.

Before you conclude that I have gone bonkers with this feet thing, let me tell you that I have had to resort to bathing my feet in warm water in order to get them warm at nite.  So cold feet became a problem for me.  But no more. My feet are warmer now.

I am guessing that the circulation in the blood vessels in my feet somehow "opened up". Could blood circulation be what is behind my healthy looking finger nails?

7AM - Diet changes
This morning I was thinking about how much eating a straight vegan diet would change my life. Especially when going to restaurants. It seems that I've achieved some remarkable results just from reducing the carbohydrate foods in my meals. Maybe by making some additional changes toward eating more vegetables and fruits, I may be able to become more healthy without going crazy with this diet thing.

So, I am going on a modified vegan diet and see how it goes.

Partly cloudy

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip planning

7AM - Trip planning
An airplane trip is coming.  Next week some of the TiogaRV Team will fly from San Diego to Oakland.  There is a birthday party planned for three of my family members.

MsTioga needs a place to stay while we are gone on this trip.  A parking lot near the San Diego Airport has been found which we believe is secure and safe.  Today we will be going to that parking lot to check it out.

9AM - About food
Because of posting here about my diet changes, a lot of messages have arrived from Readers with suggestions and advice.  I welcome these messages.  I want to state that I am NOT an expert in nutrition.  I would describe myself as a "food dummy".

I have suspected for a long time that I should be eating less food.  As the years went by, I noticed that my waistline was getting bigger.  It seemed to me that in order to get my waistline size to go down, that I would have to eat less food.   But I loved donuts and cookies.

When my friend John gave me that blood sugar test last April, that incident got me to know about the connection between carbohydrates and blood sugar.  John told me about how the pancreas produces insulin in order to control blood sugar.  I studied online and found that sometimes the pancreas cannot do this job properly.  Also, in older persons, the pancreas may lose its ability to produce insulin in sufficient amounts.

Since that time last April, I have gradually changed what I eat in order to reduce the amount of carbohydrate foods that I consume.  But the biggest change in my diet is that I am eating a lot less food than I used to eat.  I am guessing that I now consume less than half the food that I ate before last April.

For me, there seems to be a connection between eating donuts and cookies and the amount of food that I consume. When I eat donuts and cookies, for some reason, I cannot stop eating! Isn't that weird?

3PM - Checked out parking
We just got back from checking out the airport parking lot.  We were told, "No way!  We won't have room for you on Friday".  But they gave us a referral to a parking lot that could take MsTioga.

We went over to this other parking lot and made a reservation for a nice space for MsTioga to stay during our trip north.  MsTioga will be safe and secure there!

Partly cloudy

Monday, October 24, 2011


7AM - Not eating sugar
Yesterday I was invited for supper at John and Mimi's home.  Mimi is a great cook.  I love her food.  I brought wine for supper.  Got a little drunk too!

It was here last April that I decided to change what I eat after John gave me a blood-sugar test. Although my blood-sugar right after that April supper was a high 190, a subsequent test at a doctor's office showed that I did not have diabetes.

Even so, I decided back then to eat as though I had diabetes.  It was attractive to me to eat less wheat, sugar and other high carbohydrate foods.  It was a bit of a challenge for me to stop buying donuts and cookies.  But gradually I stopped eating these sweets.

Anyway, the reason that I am writing about all of this is that I've noticed something interesting about my health lately.  I seem to feel much better.  My fingernails are growing faster, and they are not splitting anymore.  My nails look good too.  They are stronger, clear, without any white spots.

I believe that the biggest change in my diet has been eliminating all of the sugar that I used get from eating donuts, cookies and juice.  I am guessing that sugar was not good for me!
Mimi, George, John
October, 2011

3PM - Five Guys again
Yesterday I made plans to meet John for a bike ride on the beach walk.  We always do the same thing, and I love our routine.

First we talk together inside MsTioga.  Then we bike up to Pacific Beach and the Kona Coffee Shop.  Talk again.  Then bike over to Five Guys Burgers for lunch.

Whatta life!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lake Murray

9AM - Lake Murray
We are invited for supper at John & Mimi's home this afternoon.  Pretty neat, huh?

You may have noticed that for several days here in the San Diego area, the sky has been overcast.  John has posted in ShoutBox that at Lake Murray, the Sun is shining!  So this morning MsTioga is heading east to Lake Murray for the day.

Lake Murray is close to John & Mimi's home.

12 Noon - At the lake
MsTioga is Day Camped [here]. in the parking area overlooking the blue water of Lake Murray. This is a very pleasant place for our Camp. It's quiet. We see squirrels, ducks and geese.

As John advised, the Sun is out.
Lake Murray

3PM - Being on the TiogaRV Team
I just woke up from taking a nap and got to thinking about how I met MsTioga.  It started with a promise to God.   Back in 2002 I went to my cancer support group every Wednesday.  I always sat in the same chair which looked out the window at the garden.

One day while my group members told their story about what happened to them the past week, I thought about what I would do when my cancer was cured.  I never had a doubt that it would be cured.  I just knew that I would survive.    My cancer doctor told me that I had a 45% chance of surviving my stage-4 cancer.

Anyway, I made a promise to God that when I got cured that I would rush at life.  No more would I sit around watching TV.  I promised to become a better person.

And look what happened!

Note to Devin who is battling pancreatic cancer:
Just keep believing that you will beat this disease.  You have thousands who are now thinking and praying for you.

Clear sky