Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blood pressure2

5:30AM - Blood pressure
I've had some interesting results since my change in diet and physical activity.  You may remember a few weeks ago that I wrote to you that I want my waistline to get smaller.  In order to to this, the plan is to eliminate cookies and donuts from my diet, which I have done.  I've also eliminated drinking juice because of all the sugar in juice.  In addition, I am now eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.  My diet still includes an occasional burger.  But a lot less than before.

Interestingly I have found that my average blood pressure has gone up since I started the diet and exercise.  It used to average 120/70.  Now the average is 142/65.

Another interesting thing happened.  Now that my blood pressure reading is higher than before, I am much more encouraged to eat better and exercise more consistently.  One of the changes that I'm making as of this morning, is to jog instead of walk in order to get into aerobic exercise.

Apparently this new diet and exercise stuff is really good for me.  I feel a whole lot better now than before!

3PM - Not wearing cuff correctly
This afternoon I read the instructions for my blood pressure cuff.  Apparently I was not wearing the cuff correctly.  When I adjusted the cuff according to the directions, my blood pressure averaged 110/58!

I am going to go take my blood pressure at a few pharmacies to get a comparison.  But I really like these numbers much better.