Thursday, October 13, 2011


7AM - Brakes squeeking
We are typing at you from the customer's lounge at Keary-Pearson Ford.  MsTioga is here to find out why her brakes are squeaking.  We want to know if the squeak is normal or a sign of a big problem.

While here, MsTioga is buying two new front tires because of low tread.  Also, it is time to change out her fuel filter and engine thermostat.

5:30PM - Out of the shop!
Finally! MsTioga has been in Ford service all day. We are finally out of the shop. Wow!

We take good care of MsTioga.  That's why her fuel filter and thermostat were changed out while these two components were still working.  It has been our experience that it is worthwhile changing them about once every 1-1/2 years.

The mechanic checked out the brake squeaking and reported that the brakes are operating fine.

Total cost for the two new tires, fuel filter, thermostat, $807US.

6PM - Charging batteries
Usually when MsTioga goes into the shop, I arrange to use the shop's electric power to charge our solar battery bank.  Today I completely forgot about that.  So, we are using Little Honda, our 1kw generator to do the recharging.  It will take about three hours for Little Honda to do that job.

Clear sky