Sunday, October 02, 2011

Camping parking

5AM - Camping or parking?
Yesterday morning while MsTioga and I were at Marina Park in the City of Ventura, a policeman came around.  I exited MsTioga, closed the door behind me and talked to the officer.

Officer:  A homeowner complained that a tan motorhome had camped here overnite.
George:  I did not camp here last nite.
Officer:  When did you arrive here?
George:  7:30 this morning.
Officer:  It is not legal to camp here at any time during the day.
George:  I am not camping.
Officer:  What are you doing?
George:  Parking.

This conversation between myself and the officer contains much of what goes on between police and an RVer who is living a life out on the road.  As an RVer, I must be aware of the law and how to respond to police in order to stay out of trouble.  In a situation such as this, it is my responsibility to determine what I am doing when there is a question of camping or parking.

The reason that I close MsTioga's door when a police officer is present is because I do not want the officer to gain any access to MsTioga's interior.  When the officer asked to see identification, I went inside to get my drivers license and closed the door behind me.  If I left the door open, the officer would have an opportunity to stick his head inside and possibly detect the odor of cooked food from my breakfast.   Is cooking a camping activity?  You get the picture.

4PM - Manhatten Beach
We did not travel too far today.  Only 15 miles!  MsTioga spent much of the day in a Westchester City Park a bit north of the huge Los Angeles International Airport.

We have made our Nite Camp in the City of Manhatten Beach.  MsTioga is not close to the Ocean.  But that's OK.

Clear sky