Saturday, October 29, 2011


9AM - Life changes
In 2003 when we started out on our search for adventure together, MsTioga had only 12 years and 53,746 miles.  I was in my 65th year.  This morning, MsTioga is in her 20th year and has 138,571 miles.  In a few weeks, I will celebrate my 74th birthday.

Both MsTioga and I have changed quite a bit during this time.  We began our adventure full of excitement for the unknown things that we would find.  We were unafraid and naive.  So much happened to us during those years.  Day by day, mile by mile, both MsTioga and I got older.  I sometimes wondered who would last the longest.  MsTioga or me.  I still wonder, but the answer is a bit clearer now.

When I stand back and look at MsTioga, she appears energetic and new.  Up close you can see MsTioga's scrapes and bruises.  But she is in good shape!  I on the other hand have turned into an old man during these years.  When I see myself walking in the reflection of a store window, I am shocked to see an old man walking in the mirrored image.  My head slightly bent over.  Everybody walks faster than I do now.  Even when I try to keep up with other walkers, they outdistance me.

I am more content now to stay in one place.  Searching for adventure seems less attractive now than watching the day drift by.  So, when I read yesterday that my blog is a bit boring, I fully understood.   But you knew years ago that this might happen.  At least you did if you thought about it.

We have worked hard on our blog to make it easy for you to move thru our journey to any year of our travels.  So, if today is boring, go to the archives and live in those thrilling days of yesteryear!

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