Tuesday, October 18, 2011


7AM - Clarification
Quite a few messages came in from Readers about yesterday's "David" post.  Apparently I did not word that post correctly.  Because of that post, Readers wrote that they were worried about me being depressed.

My mistake gave the impression that I was writing about myself, instead of people in general.  I edited that "David" post this morning.

For the record, I am not depressed.  I am in good spirits and feel really good.

10AM - Crown Point
This morning MsTioga and I met with Reader Brad to share our fulltiming experience. Brad wants to retire early and perhaps be a vagabond. We had a good time with him.

Now we are Day Camped [here] at Crown Point. The plan is to do some fast walking exercise. Funny thing is, we plan this fast walking exercise often.  But rarely go faster than ordinary walking. We on the TiogaRV Team talk exercise better than actually doing it!

2PM - Repairing solar tilt assembly
Our solar panel tilt assembly is constructed of wood. The solar panels are fastened to the wood with sheet metal screws. When rain comes, the wood holding these screws rots causing the screws to become non-functional.

In the pic below you see a post-screw, which works like a bolt and nut. This afternoon we replaced the non-functional sheet metal screws with post screws.

Note: We have considered upgrading the wood solar panel assembly to aluminum extrusion. Might still do that!
Post-screw assembly

Post screw assembly in solar panel