Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Being contrary
A few years ago I was traveling south in Mexico and came to the City of Culiacan on the west coast.  A man I met who lived there told me not to stay overnite in Culiacan because a lot of drug activity went on there.  He warned especially to stay away from the rich neighborhood on the hill because that's where drug people live.

That nite I made Nite Camp up on the hill where I was warned not to go.  For some reason, if I am warned about a place being dangerous, I will go there.

8AM - South Shore
MsTioga and I are at the South Shore again.  There are a lot of RVs here.  It is too early for so many RVs to have arrived this morning.  They appear to have camped here last nite.  I am going to talk to some of these RVers to find out what is going on.  South Shore is signed "No Camping".

Note:  I asked several of the RVers day camped here at South Shore if they camped here at nite.  A few of them did regularly stay here at nite.  They admitted that every so often police will issue citations for nite camping.

Clear sky