Sunday, October 09, 2011

Crown Point2

8AM - Crown Point
There are so many gorgeous places for MsTioga to Day Camp in San Diego!  This morning we are [here] at Crown Point.  Just as Ski Beach was yesterday, Crown Point has large green lawns next to the water of the bay.

When we look at the Google Map and back the map off to see more of San Diego, we find Shelter Island and Coronado Island where we have stayed many times before.  Is it any wonder that San Diego is so popular?

You may have noticed that our Nite Camp is up in the Mesa neighborhood in northeastern San Diego.  We like the Mesa because it does not attract RV tourists very much.  This means that authorities don't monitor the Mesa to enforce their anti-camping regulations.  Also, the Mesa is occupied by a huge amount of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai restaurants!  We love that!

Sunny day