Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good neighbor2

6AM - Good neighbor
We on the TiogaRV Team combine being a good neighbor with stealth camping.  Even though the places where we Nite Camp are not signed against sleeping, we do not want to call attention to our being in a place overnite.  For us this means arriving at our Nite Camp after dark.  Also we try to depart our Nite Camp long before dawn.  This morning, for example, we departed our Nite Camp just after 6am.

We understand that some of our neighbors do not like to see an RV staying close to their property all nite long.  For that reason, we leave while our neighbors may be still sleeping.

For us, staying under the radar is very important and what it means to be a stealth camper.

8AM - Slipping
Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror this morning made me laugh.  I was shaving with no clothes on.  MsTioga has a tall mirror over the sink.  In that mirror my body reminds me of the ground on a muddy hillside.  The rain soaked mud slipping down hill.

The changes in my body comes on so slowly.  Then one day I notice them and am astounded.  What the hell happened?

9AM - Broken Yolk
I'm sending this post to you from "Broken Yolk", a restaurant in the Town of Pacific Beach. The cute name of this place attracted me.  I've wanted to check it out for a long time.

This morning I came to this neighborhood because of a nice laundromat that is located here.  A perfect time to try the Broken Yolk. This place is one of the very few restaurants which really know how to make pancakes. Nearly all other restaurants that I know make pancakes that sort of fall apart.  Broken Yolk's pancakes don't fall apart. I think that it is the use of enough eggs that give BY's pancakes their quality!

1PM - North Cove
You may recall that I wrote to you before that there are soooooo many fabulous places to Day Camp here in the City of San Diego!

After we finished with doing our laundry, we headed over for Ski Beach where we have Day Camped many times before. As MsTioga was getting close to Ski Beach, we noticed North Cove on the other side of the bridge across the bay. Wow!

Click [here] to see MsTioga's Google Map location.  MsTioga is the map's "green" arrow.
George at North Cove

Clear blue sky