Monday, October 10, 2011


I take medication to reduce blood pressure.  You may recall that my cardiologist in Tequisquiapan, Mexico prescribed Biconcor for me.  When I returned from Mexico in December, 2010, I brought with me a ten month supply.  Now there are 12 days left in that supply.

In Mexico I show the pharmacy the little box containing the Biconcor and they sell the medication to me.  No prescription required.  Here in California in order to buy Biconcor, a prescription is required by a pharmacy.

So, I have a choice of going to a doctor in order to obtain a prescription here in California.  Or, I can go to Tijuana and buy Biconcor from a Mexican pharmacy without a prescription.

BTW, my blood pressure without Biconcor is 140/80 and with Biconcor it is 120/70.

10AM - Biking and burgers
My friend John and I have a date to go bike riding this morning.  John is bringing his wife Mimi's bike for me to ride.  We will bike from [here] at Mission Bay Park up to Crystal Pier where we will drink coffee and talk together.  Then the plan is to bike over to Five Guys Burgers for lunch.

Love those Five Guys burgers!

7PM - Food report
Even though I ate a bacon cheeseburger and fries at Five Guys this afternoon, I feel that my waistline reduction goal is still moving along in the right direction. I have not eaten any cookies or donuts in several weeks. However, while shopping I still am highly tempted toward these sweets!

A Reader suggested that I drink only water.  I was drinking juice without understanding about all the sugar in juice.  I do drink some milk though, about two quarts a week.

Mostly sunny