Friday, October 21, 2011

No sun

8:30AM - No Sun!
This morning begins the 3rd day with no Sun.  When I write no Sun, I mean not even a hint of the Sun.  Not even a glimmer of that golden disc in the grey sky.  The weather forecast is that the Sun may shine tomorrow.

In the meantime, Little Honda, our 1KW generator, is doing all of the work keeping the solar battery bank charged.

10AM - Tilting solar panel
Last Tuesday I wrote to about the possibility of upgrading our tilting solar panel assembly from wood to aluminum.  The reason for this upgrade is that the wood gets rotten too fast.  It has only been about a year since the wood was replaced, and already it is falling apart.

We have placed an order for this aluminum with Industrial Metal Supply, a distributor here in San Diego.

2PM - Stamina zip!
If enough time has gone by since my last strenuous maintenance job, I forget that I don't have the stamina that I had when I was younger.  That's how it was today.

I filed the burrs off the cut ends of the four aluminum bars.  Then I began to bring everything needed up to MsTioga's roof.  Just taking stuff up to the roof is a challenge for me now.

The job today is to take off the rotten wood parts of the tilt assembly, and slide an aluminum bar into place.  Since I have to transfer holes from the solar panel's mounting angles, I decided to drill and tap one hole in each bar.  A bolt into that tapped hole would secure the bar. Then a hole on the opposite end of the bar would be drilled and tapped.  This way I would not have any hole alignment problems since I am drilling and tapping thru the mounting angles.

After drilling and tapping the first bar, I was getting pretty tired. I completed the second bar, and found that my stamina was zip! I am going to have to finish this job another day.
End of aluminum bar showing bolt

Dense overcast