Saturday, October 22, 2011

North Cove

9AM - North Cove
MsTioga is Morning Camped [here] at the North Cove of San Diego Bay. Running races this morning have closed Crown Point and Ski Beach. North Cove is a smaller park and so far this morning, a quiet and peaceful place.

The forecast is for a bright Sun to make its appearance around 10am. Little Honda, our electric generator, is sooooooo happy about that!

We plan to do a little more work on the installation of the aluminum bars in to our solar tilt assembly.

12 Noon - Panels up!
Although the upgrading of the solar panel tilt assembly is not complete, the panels are up and tilted toward the Sun!  We had to do a little improvising in order to raise the panels. But improvising is one of the things that the TiogaRV Team does best. Do you agree? Hmmmmm?.
Panels tilted up!

A few clouds