Monday, October 03, 2011

Redondo Beach

7AM - Redondo Beach
It's Monday morning and most motorists on the road are rushing to work.  Not MsTioga and The Team!  We have no such responsibilities as work.  We are searching for a place to have our morning walk!

While traveling south on Pacific Coast Highway, we kept looking at the Garmin Nuvi GPS for the green places on the screen which indicate a park.  When we came to the City of Redondo Beach, we saw that green and found a place to park over [here].

The life of a vagabond is a fascinating enterprise.  Success and contentment for a vagabond may simply be in having faith that a wonderful adventure lies just around the next bend in the road.

2PM - Cousin Jacky
Every time I travel north or south in the State of California, I always visit with my Cousin Jacky.  She lives in the retirement community of Laguna Woods.

Jacky and I are very close.  You may recall that we went on a really neat trip to Israel together in 2008.



No Nite Camp location today