Friday, October 14, 2011

Repair costs

7AM - Repair costs
This year of 2011 has been a heavy one for MsTioga's repairs.  So far, $5400 for the year.  That's a lot!  We know that are records are accurate.  We track expenses using Quicken and all of the accounts are balanced at least once each month.

Interestingly, by comparison, the year of 2010 had total maintenance costs of only $1,200.  We are not complaining about 2011.  MsTioga and I can afford these costs.  In fact, it gives us a kick to stay in front of repairs by doing replacements before a failure occurs.  We did exactly that yesterday by replacing the two front tires, fuel filter and engine thermostat while these components were still good.

8AM - Taking risks
A couple of days ago, I wrote to you about my camping in the Mexican city of Culiacan where I was warned by a local not to camp.  MsTioga and I have been taking risks ever since we got together in 2003.  She and I talked it over this morning.  Neither of us believe that we are being foolish in the risks we take.  We think a lot about what we do and where we stay.

With that said, however, we truly believe that if we were cautious souls that we would not be living this marvelous life that we do.  Take for example, my going up on MsTioga's roof to raise and lower the solar panels.  If I decide not to go up there anymore, it seems to me that very soon I would be incapable of going up on the roof.

Or take Mexico, for another example.  If for whatever reason, I decide not to return to Mexico this winter, what is to become of me as a vagabond?  There is a day coming when I will not be able to travel anymore.  Should I hasten that day by being afraid?

MsTioga and I are definitely not heroes.  We struggle by thinking about what could go wrong when we take risks.  And then we do what we want anyway.

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