Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Diego vs Mexico

10 AM - San Diego vs Mexico
Comparing the City of San Diego with the Country of Mexico has been on my mind lately.  San Diego being where I am right now and Mexico being where I want to go this winter.

During the fall, San Diego is a marvelous place to be.  The weather is wonderful.  Never getting too cold. And parks around the harbor provide endless places for MsTioga to Day Camp. However, during the winter is when Mexico offers major competition weather-wise.

Something that I may not have written to you about before is comparing shopping in Mexico with shopping in the United States. Well, there is no comparison. If you want to buy stuff, the USA is the place to be. For example take grocery shopping. Any major grocery here in the USA must have 10x the amount of individual items in stock than the largest grocery in Mexico. Same with hardware stores. If you went to an Ace Hardware store in Mexico, you would find only a fraction of what is for sale in Ace USA stores.

Because of these comparisons, MsTioga and I are having a tough time deciding what to do and where to go this winter!

5PM - Sushi to go
We spent our morning near Mission Bay's Bonita Cove.  And the afternoon at South Shore in order to use the dump station located there.  Did some maintenance on MsTioga..

Now we are headed thru Pacific Beach to pick up some sushi to go at Panda Express.  Then up to our Nite Camp on the mesa.

We have not seen the Sun for two days!  Little Honda has had to go to work yesterday and today to charge Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank.