Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday morning

8AM - Sunday morning
Sunday morning in San Diego is a great time for the TiogaRV Team!  It is quiet because the traffic is very light.  Our Nite Camp is in a commercial neighborhood.  The workers are off on Sunday which means that we are able to remain here longer without disturbing our neighbors.

Sunday morning is the day of the week when I usually read my Values and Goals [link]. I have skipped reading them for several Sundays. I have pretty much got them down solid. But I think that I will read them this morning.

MsTioga has not been to Shelter Island during this trip to San Diego.  We are thinking about going there this Sunday morning.

10AM - Shelter Island
MsTioga is now Day Camped at Shelter Island. The sky continues to be overcast. We raised Mr. Sunny's solar panels, but the overcast sky does not allow normal charging amperage.

If the sky does not clear soon, we may break out Little Honda, our tiny but noble generator.