Thursday, October 06, 2011


7AM - Sunrise
MsTioga and I arrived at our Day Camp in Mission Bay Park a few seconds after Sunrise.  The rain of yesterday is gone.   It is a very gorgeous day.
Sunrise over Mission Bay Park

9AM - Tilting solar panels
A check of Mr Sunny's incoming power from solar panels showed only 5 amps/hour.  It would take 14 hours to recharge the solar battery bank at this rate!  The Sun has been traveling lower in the sky.  Time for us to go up on MsTioga's roof and tilt the solar panels!

Rechecking incoming power after tilting and 15 amps/hour were coming in.  When the Sun is a bit higher in the sky, we might get 22 amps/hour.
Panels tilted

1PM - Outback Steakhouse!
If you have been following my adventures for awhile, you may know that I am crazy for "Outback Steakhouse".  The food and service at Outback Steakhouse is always exceptional.

Reader Phil is a partner in the Outback Steakhouse company.  For several years, each time that I arrive in San Diego, Phil has been treating me to a filet steak.

I am going to Outback this evening!  Wow!

Partly sunny