Monday, October 31, 2011


30 seconds to Sunrise
Where should we make Camp this morning?  San Diego has sooooo many choices.  Maybe Ski Beach?  Or Crown Point?  Dana Point?  Shelter Island?  Coronado Island?  We decided on Mission Bay Park.  As MsTioga arrived at our Morning Camp, the view over the waters of Bonita Cove looked gorgeous.

New Mavicita and I rushed outside to capture the pano pic below.  It is 30 seconds to Sunrise. Wow!
30 seconds to Sunrise over Bonita Cove

8AM - Feeling great!
I am feeling really great this morning.  After awakening, while still in bed, I was thinking about that.  So far in my life I have no aches. No hurting joints. My brain seems to be operating OK. MsTioga and I are camping in the perfect climate of San Diego. Everything is going so well for us!

Could it be that the main ingredient of my well-being is my new healthy diet? I think that this might be true. I have noticed that I have hunger pangs again instead of the always full feeling. It may be my imagination, but it seems that the fat around my waistline has reduced. I seem to be fitting in my blue jeans better!

1PM - Don't eat all the fries
This morning, John and I went on a bike ride together.  We went the inland route along the coves of San Diego Bay.  Then cut over to the "along-the-beach" bike path to Pacific Beach to where the Konos coffee shop is located.  After a couple of hours, we drove to Five Guys Burgers for lunch.

The trick at Five Guys is to not eat all the fries because an order of fries is sooooo large!
Five Guys-Pacific Beach

Gorgeous day