Tuesday, October 11, 2011


7AM - Tijuana Mexico!
This morning I'm going to Tijuana, Mexico in order to buy the Biconcor medication that I wrote to you about before.  Reader CAE suggested in ShoutBox, "How about taking the trolley?".  Wow!  This is a great idea!

This morning at 7am, MsTioga and I headed out from our Nite Camp for Old Town San Diego.  Using Garmin Nuvi GPS, we put in the location of the free parking lot at Old Town.  We arrived at Old Town at about 7:15am, and a good thing too.  The parking lot fills up early.

The plan is to take the San Diego Trolley to the International Border Crossing at San Ysidro.  New Mavicita and I will cross the border by foot.  We understand that a bunch of Mexican pharmacies are close by.  Of course I am taking my US Passport so that I will be able to re-enter the United States.  Also, I am taking along all my Mexican money.

What an adventure!  I am sooooooo excited about this trip!

1PM - Trip story
I've just returned from the trip to Tijuana.  It takes about 70 minutes to go from Old Town San Diego to the Mexican border crossing at San Ysidro.  The trains are comfortable.  Everybody in my car found a seat.

When the train reaches the International Border, those wanting to cross into Mexico walk across the border using the pedestrian bridge.  From the bridge I followed other people along a fenced pathway, went thru a turnstyle and across the street was a pharmacy.

I showed the clerk my old box of Biconcor.  I asked for two boxes.  For me this is a two month supply.  The cost was 550 pesos [$41.30US] for each box of 30 pills.

After buying my medication, I bought two beef tacos from a taco stand.  Then I crossed the border and got in the line to go thru the United States Border Station.  The line to the station was very long.  It took almost an hour to get to the gate!
San Diego Trolley

Pedestrian bridge at border

USA Border Protection gate