Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip planning

7AM - Trip planning
An airplane trip is coming.  Next week some of the TiogaRV Team will fly from San Diego to Oakland.  There is a birthday party planned for three of my family members.

MsTioga needs a place to stay while we are gone on this trip.  A parking lot near the San Diego Airport has been found which we believe is secure and safe.  Today we will be going to that parking lot to check it out.

9AM - About food
Because of posting here about my diet changes, a lot of messages have arrived from Readers with suggestions and advice.  I welcome these messages.  I want to state that I am NOT an expert in nutrition.  I would describe myself as a "food dummy".

I have suspected for a long time that I should be eating less food.  As the years went by, I noticed that my waistline was getting bigger.  It seemed to me that in order to get my waistline size to go down, that I would have to eat less food.   But I loved donuts and cookies.

When my friend John gave me that blood sugar test last April, that incident got me to know about the connection between carbohydrates and blood sugar.  John told me about how the pancreas produces insulin in order to control blood sugar.  I studied online and found that sometimes the pancreas cannot do this job properly.  Also, in older persons, the pancreas may lose its ability to produce insulin in sufficient amounts.

Since that time last April, I have gradually changed what I eat in order to reduce the amount of carbohydrate foods that I consume.  But the biggest change in my diet is that I am eating a lot less food than I used to eat.  I am guessing that I now consume less than half the food that I ate before last April.

For me, there seems to be a connection between eating donuts and cookies and the amount of food that I consume. When I eat donuts and cookies, for some reason, I cannot stop eating! Isn't that weird?

3PM - Checked out parking
We just got back from checking out the airport parking lot.  We were told, "No way!  We won't have room for you on Friday".  But they gave us a referral to a parking lot that could take MsTioga.

We went over to this other parking lot and made a reservation for a nice space for MsTioga to stay during our trip north.  MsTioga will be safe and secure there!

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