Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warm feet

6AM - Warm feet
Please understand that I am a food dummy.  Although I've been writing about changing my diet and the results achieved from those changes, I am not an expert in foods and nutrition.  So please do not make changes in your diet based upon what I write here.

A couple of days ago I wrote about how my finger nails recently seemed to be growing faster, were stronger and looked more healthy. I did not make the assumption that my changed diet might be responsible for healthy finger nails until I noticed that something else had changed too.

My feet got warmer!  Yes, I know how silly that sounds. But over recent years I began to get cold feet. Even when I went to bed and would wrap my feet in the blanket, my feet stayed cold. Well, lately I noticed that my feet did not get so cold anymore. And when my feet did get cold at nite, wrapping them in my blanket got them warmer pretty fast.

Before you conclude that I have gone bonkers with this feet thing, let me tell you that I have had to resort to bathing my feet in warm water in order to get them warm at nite.  So cold feet became a problem for me.  But no more. My feet are warmer now.

I am guessing that the circulation in the blood vessels in my feet somehow "opened up". Could blood circulation be what is behind my healthy looking finger nails?

7AM - Diet changes
This morning I was thinking about how much eating a straight vegan diet would change my life. Especially when going to restaurants. It seems that I've achieved some remarkable results just from reducing the carbohydrate foods in my meals. Maybe by making some additional changes toward eating more vegetables and fruits, I may be able to become more healthy without going crazy with this diet thing.

So, I am going on a modified vegan diet and see how it goes.

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