Thursday, October 27, 2011


8AM - The weather
Just passed 6am this morning, MsTioga was already on her way to our Morning Camp at Crown Point. It was still dark then. But a few minutes later as we began our descent from the mesa, we could see the dawn breaking. Not a cloud in the sky! This would be a gorgeous day.

The weather got us to think about our friends, Jonna and Mimi who live on the Yucatan Peninsula in eastern Mexico. Hurricane Rina has been their weather. We were concerned about their condo which is right on the eastern coast. We read on their [blog] about the storm and rain.

MsTioga and I are so happy that we are vagabonds who travel to where the weather is best.

9AM - Losing pinches
Did I ever mention that the TiogaRV Team does not have a scale on board?  I am not much interested in my weight.  My concern is how I fit into my pants!  When I have to unbutton my pants to feel comfortable, that's a clue that something needs changing.

I keep track of how fat I am by pinching my waistline flab.  Lately, I seem to be losing pinches soooooo fast!  In fact, sometimes I find myself pinching waistline 2-3 times an hour because the amount of my shrinking seems impossible.

Sunny day