Friday, October 28, 2011


9AM - When does stuff get finished?
Some email arrived wondering about the solar panel tilt assembly.  Two readers asked about the status of the job, wanting pics.  You may recall that the wood tilt assembly rotted fast.  So, we decided to change the wood to aluminum. Well, because I have to do this stuff up on MsTioga's roof, that work is hard for me to do.

When I was younger, getting things done was important to me. Now, that kind of stuff does not seem important anymore. So, I decided not to be concerned about when this job gets finished. Actually, when I think about it, lots of stuff around here hangs fire.

Eventually, the tilt assembly job will get finished. I'll write about any progress here in my blog.

PS: A 1/4-20 tap was bought for the tilt assembly job. That tap broke a couple of days ago. This morning I'm buying a new tap.

1PM - Walking tricks
I've no big problem with my eating routine.  But I do have a problem with my exercising.  I just don't go walking enough!

So, I've taken up some walking tricks.  When going shopping, I trick myself by parking several blocks away from the store.  When I arrive at a Day Camp, I have to go walking immediately.  If I put off walking until later, I may never walk!

Blue sky