Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Zest life

7AM - A zest for life!
When my son David died in September, 2010, my zest for life was drained out of me.  Back then I did not even know what was happening to me because it happened so slowly.  In truth, I did not get a perspective on what I am writing now until only recently.

Where in a person's body does "a zest for life" reside?  I certainly do not know the answer to that question.  I only know what it feels like to have it. It feels like excitement for the morning.  It feels like knowing that I can do it and have fun doing it.  It feels like eating good and exercising and cleaning and making plans!

Oh God!  I have I been missing my zest for life sooooooo much! It's really great to have it back again!

10AM - San Diego living
If you have done vagabond camping yourself, then you may be aware that some places offer an easier life for you than other places.

San Diego's South Shore huge parking area is one of those easy life places!

What a wonderful gift from local government to non-affluent RVers is South Shore.  There is a FREE dump station here at South Shore.  Although water available is signed not-potable, this water is fine if you are using it for washing dishes, the toilet and shower.

The parking area is mostly signed, "Reserved for vehicles with boat trailers only".  However, this rule does not appear to be enforced and in fact there are hardly any boat trailers parked in the lot.  There are however, about 15 RVs parked here!

We are now [here].  MsTioga is the green arrow on the map.

4PM - Rain
The overcast turned into rain clouds. It looks like we in San Diego are going to get drenched.  We have not seen the Sun even one time today.

 MsTioga is now headed back to Clairmont Mesa for our Nite Camp.