Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cold snap

7:30AM - Cold snap
Here at our high desert camp the elevation is 1,172 feet. Maybe that elevation is why the overnite temperature dipped to only 36°F. For a Los Angeles, California born and raised boy like me, that is cold! Mr. Wave-6, our noble and hardworking catalytic heater, cranked himself up to his middle heat setting in order to achieve a temperature inside MsTioga of 67°F.

Looking outside, we see the beginning of a beautiful weather day. Not one cloud in the perfect Arizona sky! MsTioga rotated herself around already so that our tilted solar panels are now receiving 3.5 amps from the gorgeous Sun. On a day like this one, we should top out at around 22 amps from our solar array.

Lifting solar panels
What do guys who are living the wonderful RV life do? Well, here at this desert camp there are three guys. Bob, Bud and George. And we mostly think about lifting solar panels!

Bob and Bud are now involved together on a project to automate the lifting of Bud and Nancy's panels. The particular challenge here is to lift a panel which sits flat on the RV roof. But Bob and Bud believe that they have worked it out. We may see later today how that project is going.

4PM - Solar panel report
It appears that we must wait another day to make a report on the lifting mechanism that Bob and Bud have been working to complete. This is a tough project, because it really is a prototype device. I am hoping that we will be able to make a video of the device in action.