Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dailylight savings time

6AM - Daylight savings time
Last nite before bed I changed my iPod to be one hour back to account for the daylight savings time ending.  Somehow, something with the resetting of time got screwed up.  I should have arrived at the airport one hour before my 6:30am flight.  Instead I arrived at Oakland Airport only 25 minutes before the flight.

Then airport security wanted to pat me down.  The pat down did not take too long.   Anyway, I made the flight! The plane is boarding right now!!

9AM - Flight cancelled
My flight to San Diego had a stop in Los Angeles.  However, a luggage cart collided with the airplane just before we were scheduled to board in Los Angeles.  So, the Los Angeles to San Diego flight was cancelled!

Delta Airlines announced that all San Diego flights were completely booked.  Delta has arranged for a bus to take cancelled flight passengers from Los Angeles Airport to San Diego Airport.  The bus trip is scheduled to leave Los Angeles at 10am and should be about a two hour trip.

2PM - Back in San Diego!
We just returned to MsTioga. We found her waiting patiently for us to come back to her.

The bus trip from Los Angeles took 2-1/2 hours. End to end, our trip today took 6-1/2 hours. But all turned out well, and we met some very nice people along the way.