Monday, November 21, 2011

Desert Bar

8AM - Trip to The Desert Bar
Yesterday afternoon when the installation of the solar tilt upgrade was complete, Bob came over and told me, "We have a treat for you! Donna and I are taking you to "The Desert Bar".

The three of us climbed in the Suzuki 4-wheel drive tow car and headed out from Camp. We traveled thru the Town of Bouse then north toward Parker, Arizona. While we drove, Bob and Donna explained how a lot of Arizona is setup to cater to Snowbirds [people who come from cold places in order to enjoy the better climate of Arizona].

Bob and Donna are heavy into Geocaching. As we drove along the highway, Donna clicked on their Garmin GPS in order to get a clue about a cache that we might find. Geocachers hide treasures all over the place and leave clues online how their fellow Geocachers might find what they have hidden. We came to a place where one cache appeared to be hidden. The three of us wandered over the barren desert looking for the hidden cache. We did not find it!

Bob explained to me, "Looking for caches gets us out of the car and walking around. That's a good thing which gives us exercise and something interesting to do!

We continued driving to Parker, Arizona where Bob and Donna pointed out the points of interest to me. There is a giant Wal-Mart and Safeway Store in Parker. Once past Parker, we began driving on a dirt road. After traveling for about six miles, we came to "The Desert Bar". A guy named Ken built his home out here in the desert almost 30 years ago. Ken decided to try his hand at business and opened a saloon in the desert. This guy had to have lots of guts to put a saloon way out away from any highway or town.

The Desert Bar gets all of its electric power from solar panels. There are hundreds of solar panels here producing many thousands of kilowatts electric power. The three of us went to the bar and looked around a bit. Then Bob and Donna danced to the two man band that is there to give The Desert Bar patrons entertainment.
The Desert Bar

11AM - Camp happenings
Bob and Bud have been working together for awhile to design and build a tilting mechanism for Bud's solar electric system. The difficulty with this mechanism is that Bud's panels are pretty much flat sitting on his RV roof. There is very little angle to push the panel up. But they believe they figured this engineering challenge out.

In the meanwhile, I went up on Bob's RV roof with New Mavicita to take some pics of the solar panel tilt assembly that is up there. Several readers are very interested to see these pics.

While I was still up on the roof taking pics, Donna and Nancy returned from a shopping trip to town. The two ladies bought a turkey for Thanksgiving!
Bob & Bud in the shop

Bob & Donna's tilting solar panels

Close up of actuator installation

Mostly cloudy