Sunday, November 20, 2011

Desert canp

8AM - Our Desert Camp
New Mavicita was thinking this morning that you might be interested in what our Desert Camp looked like. So, she went outside and captured the pano-pic below for you to see!

This is an extreme electrically and electronically enabled Camp. We have written to you before about Bob and Donna's automated solar electric system. Their 650 watt solar array tilts up and down automatically at morning and evening in order to take advantage of the Sun's power. Bob installed a wind generator. As I type to you right now, I see the little windmill whirling around generating electric power. A very important thing on this very cloudy day!

Bud and Nancy live in the other RV that you see in the pic. Bud worked his whole life in the electronics industry. During yesterday's "Happy Hour", I was sitting on the couch and noticed a regular ordinary telephone mounted on the wall next to me. Thinking that it was just a sham phone, I picked up the handset and was surprised to hear a dial tone! Bud explained to me that he connected up a couple of these phones to his RV's phone cable and hooked them up to his Verizon wireless phone system.

Bud, seeing my surprise because the phone had a dial tone, showed me his office where he has installed a ton of electronic gear. One thing that really impressed me was the setup that allowed Bud and Nancy to receive and send email over their Ham radio. Both Bud and Nancy have their Ham radio licenses framed and mounted on the office wall.

Do you see the trailer behind Bob & Donna's RV? This trailer contains "the shop". Inside the shop there is a drill press and a ton of other tools, screws and bolts and stuff to build and repair almost anything. Bob loves to help others by using his mechanical talents which are enabled by his shop!
MsTioga, The Shop, Bob and Donna's RV, Bud and Nancy's RV

1PM - Wanna see some pics?
Our solar panel upgrade is now complete. Only the four support struts are made from wood. The support tie bars are now made from aluminum.

When the panels are up, they are solid as a rock! The support struts are fastened to MsTioga's roof using thumb screws.

Some cleaning-up remains to do. The rust stains you see in the pics below need to be cleaned up and painted with Rust-oleum marine quality paint. We were anxious to show you the results, so these pics were taken before that cleaning was done.
Bob Parker trimming aluminum bar

Thumb screw detail

Partly cloudy