Monday, November 14, 2011

Desert sunrise

6:15AM - Desert sunrise
When I woke up this morning and peaked out of MsTioga's window, it was only a few minutes before sunrise.  Grabbing New Mavicita, I went outside to capture the pic below so that you may see our Nite Camp site.
Desert Nite Camp site

8AM - Boondock internet access
MsTioga traveled east from our Nite Camp looking for internet access. We tried several times to search for an access point for our Verizon/Pantech modem and did not find one until we reached the intersection of Highways #78 & #86.

This lack of internet access out in the boondocks illuminates the differences between a cellular and satellite internet connection.

The Verizon/Pantech modem is a cellular device
The Pantech is small and easy to use. Simply turn on the computer, plug in Pantech to a USB port and the device gets you online. But only if there is a cell tower within range. Out in the desert, there are places where getting on the internet is very difficult.  The big Pantech plus is that there is very little to go wrong with this device.

Mr. Datastorm is a satellite device
The good feature about such a satellite device is that when a clear view of the southern sky is available, getting online is usually assured. The bad feature is that there are many components of the Datastorm and the HughesNet systems. Three separate gear motors for moving the antenna. Electronic devices for controlling these gear motors including an upper control board on the roof and a control box inside MsTioga. The HughesNet system includes a modem, cables, and other essential components such as a receiver and transmitter. If any of these many components fails, Mr. Datastorm will not operate.

Clear sky