Wednesday, November 16, 2011


6AM - Destination
We have not told you why MsTioga and The Team are out here in the far eastern desert of California.  We are heading toward the small town of Bouse, Arizona.  Pronounced to rhyme with "house".  We are going to Bouse because readers and friends Bob Parker and Donna Huffer live there.

Bob has offered to help me install the upgrade to our solar panel tilt assembly.  You may recall that I found this installation just a bit more than I could handle.

Blythe, California
Last nite MsTioga made her Nite Camp in the City of Blythe. Actually, she made two Nite Camps here. The first Nite Camp was very close to giant Interstate #10. Later that nite when I went to go to bed, the noise emanating from that highway drove me to move away from I-10. This morning when I woke up, would you believe that the sound coming from I-10 had increased in volume?

MsTioga moved away even more from that traffic noise and we are now Morning Camped at what appears to be the most northern edge of the City of Blythe.
Looking north from Blythe

Internet regulation laws
MsTioga and I mostly do not publish political stuff here on our blog. However, we are doing so today because we want the internet to remain free.

We are against the passage of any law or regulation which would restrict in any way what is allowed to pass over the internet.  Congress, in its infinite wisdom, is in the process of passing internet regulation right now.

Clear sky