Tuesday, November 08, 2011


8AM - More about expenses
After a bunch of messages came in by email and ShoutBox wondering about the amount of my expenses, I took a look at my Quicken statement.  Here is what I found for the ten months of year 2011 thru October

  • $4,363 Auto fuel
  • $5,493 Auto repair
  • $3,040 Medical
  • $12,896 Total-three major expense items
So, these three major expense items alone averaged $1,290/month.  That's 44% of my expenses.  It costs a whole lot more now-a-days, to operate and take care of MsTioga and myself.

On January 01, 2011, MsTioga began her day with an odometer reading of 129,695 miles.  On October 31 her odometer read 138,609 miles.  That's 8,914 miles in ten months or an approximate average of 29 miles per day. That's not too much traveling.  However, a little calculation will show that it costs about 49 cents per mile just for gasoline.

Expense summation
My goal for publishing my income and expense information was to show wannabe RVers that it is possible for them to achieve the dream of fulltime RVing. However, perhaps with today's economic conditions that might be a vanishing dream for those with less than about $50/day income.

I am guessing that fulltimers who have less than $50/day income must be content with simply remaining in one place and rarely driving? What do you think?

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