Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gila Bend

7AM - Gila Bend
This morning we are heading south out of the Town of Buckeye, bound for Gila Bend, Arizona. On November 29, 2009 we were also heading toward Gila Bend on our way to Mexico. The very next day MsTioga got stuck out in the desert and she had to be towed back to Gila Bend for repairs!  [link].

12 Noon - Oil Change
MsTioga is in the shop to get her engine oil changed. MsTioga is very hard on oil. After only about 2,000 miles, MsTioga's engine oil looks a dirty dark brown. We do not like driving with dirty engine oil. So, we change it.

The mechanic reported that MsTioga's oil pan thread appeared stripped out. We had to put in an oversize bolt.
MsTioga in Gila Bend shop

4PM - Replace oil pan?
The mechanic had to play around with the oversize oil plug to get it to stop leaking. It's very touchy! I was advised that replacing the oil pan on the Ford 7.5 liter engine is a difficult job. The entire engine has to be jacked up to get the oil pan out!

If this oversize oil plug holds until the next oil change, I'll have over 2,000 miles to get the new oil pan installed. The Ford dealer in Tepic should be able to install this new oil pan.

5PM - Positive attitude
The situation like this present one with the bad engine oil pan is an excellent example of the necessity of maintaining a positive attitude. Tomorrow morning MsTioga and I will be heading south again and possibly entering Mexico.

If I am tentative now and postpone Mexico because of a possible engine failure, how would that affect me? Not in a happy way, that's for sure!

No! I am going to Mexico tomorrow and will deal with whatever challenges come up as they happen.

Clear sky