Saturday, November 05, 2011


6AM - The hotel
I really love staying in a hotel. Does that surprise you? The floor is warm! MsTioga has such a cold floor in the winter time. The cold comes right thru the carpet and chills my feet.

I have to admit also, that occasionally it is fun for me to stay away from MsTioga. Don't get me wrong. I love being a vagabond with MsTioga. But a hotel room is really great every so often.

We are staying at the 'Inn at Jack London Square'. Readers warned to get a room that faced the swimming pool because the rooms at the other side of the hotel are bothered by the very loud train horns. The readers were right! It is sooooo quiet here in this room. I am barely able to hear the train horns!

There is a Buttercup Kitchen restaurant nearby. Yesterday evening I ordered Chinese Chicken Salad brought to my room for supper. This salad has the kinds of things that are good for me to eat.

Right after making this post, I'm going to take a very warm bath.  There is a hot tub outside, but the temperature here in Oakland is in the low 40s! I am too wimpy to go outside in my bathing suit!

Traveling to the party!
Late this morning, the plan is to take the BART train from 12th Street Oakland to Dublin Station. At Dublin I will be picked up by a friend. I am not able to share with you my friend's name. But I can give you a hint. She is one of the birthday people who have asked that I not mention her name in my blog.

You will have to use your imagination and guess what her name is!

Of course I am bringing presents for the other two birthday people. Do you remember that I wrote to you about having Uncle Joe's 35mm slides digitized? Well, one of my gifts are DVDs with all of those slide pics. Uncle Joe was the family photographer. His slides contained pics from the 1950s thru the 1970s.

Another present is a DVD containing an 8mm movie that I shot during the years 1964 to 1966. I had the movie film digitized at a company in San Diego that specialized in such conversions. The movie contains shots of my family members, many of whom died long ago.

Good memories!