Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Imperial Dunes

7AM - Imperial Dunes
If you are like me, you are shocked and amazed at some of California's desert.  We were traveling along Hwy #78 east of the City of Brawley when the farmland suddenly gave way to barren desert.  But not just ordinary flat desert.  We had come to the Imperial Dunes!

Did you know that thousands of people come way out here simply to ride off road vehicles up and down the desert dunes?
Imperial Dunes

10AM - Midway Camp
MsTioga and The Team have been on Hwy #78 before. On Monday, March 07, 2005, we made a Nite Camp at a place in the desert midway between Brawley and Quartzsite [link].

11PM - Slab City
I just read in ShoutBox that some readers wondered about me going to Slab City. I guess that you may not have read about MsTioga and me going to Slab City many years ago!

I even wrote a MsTioga Magazine story about Slab City. You will find a link to MsTioga Magazine at the top and bottom of this blog. Take a peek.

PS: My first visit to Slab City was on March 05, 2005 [link]. I returned again to Slab City on December 06, 2007 [link].

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