Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just do it

8AM - Just do it!
In February, 2003 when I drove down to Manteca, California to buy MsTioga, there were no thoughts in my mind that things would not work out for me. I wanted to live in an RV and equip it for a boondocking life style. I did not worry about all of the things that needed to be done. I just did it.

After buying MsTioga, she would have to be equipped with the Motosat internet system, levelers, a solar electric system. It was not easy to prepare MsTioga. Lots of challenges. For example the Dometic refrigerator that came with MsTioga did not work. I was tricked into believing that the fridge worked. But it didn't. So within a week after owning MsTioga, I had to buy a new fridge cooling unit! MsTioga had no warranty. She was bought As Is-Where Is.

It took from February to the end of May to get all this equipment installed so that MsTioga and I could get on the road. It took three months because there were lots of glitches. One big glitch happened after the Motosat was installed. The system would not go online correctly. For two weeks I camped next to the Motosat dealer in the City of Huntington Beach, California. Finally after two weeks a new Motosat was shipped to the dealer and the thing finally worked!

The reason that I am telling you about these 2003 stories is that back then I just did stuff. I did not worry about what could go wrong as I seem to be doing now. I want to be like that again. I want "Just Do It!" to be my motto.

9AM - Yesterday's sick post
I wanted you to know that right after I posted yesterday about having diarrhea, it cleared up! Like magic!

This morning I am treating myself out for breakfast. There is a local restaurant called "Crossroads" that is recommended by Readers!
Birthday boy after breakfast

4PM - Horsing around
We just left a park located along the main road thru the Town of Parker. There were a bunch of kids there who were climbing up several ladders leading to a slide in the shape of a big tube. Over and over and over again they climbed up the ladders in order to slide down. I love to watch kids having a great time.

There were four young guys in the park who seemed intent on putting down a large bottle of beer they were sharing. I walked into the park in order to dump my trash into a waste barrel and said, "Hello" to these guys. They were playing what goes for music now-a-days on a small boom box.

These four guys looked like they were from Latin stock and I mentioned that I lived in Mexico for several years. I asked one of them, "Do you speak Spanish?". "No", he answered. "I don't speak that. I'm an American".

As I left the park, I felt sorry for these four young men.

5:30PM - Headgate Camp
For the past three nites, MsTioga has made her Nite Camp above the Headgate Rock Dam across the Colorado River. At just about sundown, New Mavicita went to the overlook to capture a pic of Headrock Dam for you to see.
Headgate Rock Dam from our Nite Camp