Monday, November 07, 2011

Living cheap

7AM - Living cheap
I used to publish a statement of the TiogaRV Team's income and expenses.  This statement was published so that persons with low income who wanted to become RVers, would be able to get an idea if they could  afford this life style.

These statements stopped being published after the tragedy of my son David knocked me back on my heels.  However, it is still my belief that this income and expense information is of value to wannabee RVers. So, this morning I'm presenting here a very brief summary of our 2011 Income and Expenses.

Average Monthly Income:   $2,374
Average Monthly Expense: $2,709
Monthly deficit:  ($335)

It is my opinion that a disciplined RVer may be able achieve lower expenses than I show above. But a wannabee can get the idea of costs from this statement.

Financial notes:
I do not borrow to finance the monthly deficit. The deficit comes from savings. I do not use credit cards. All purchases are paid by cash or debit card.

10AM - Today's breakfast
Here is a pic of breakfast this morning. Tuna salad and fruit.