Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Loose cable

7AM - Loose cable
During all of yesterday, Mr. Sunny's solar panel array generated about 1/2 the usual output. I was unable to figure out what had changed. Just as I was going to sleep last nite, it occurred to me that during the upgrade a couple of days ago, the cabling between the two tilt assemblies may have come loose.

This morning I'm going up on MsTioga's roof to check this out. By raising up the panels to almost vertical position, the junction box underneath each solar panel becomes exposed. I'll then be able to open up the boxes and check out the cable connections.

11AM - It is a loose cable!
The very first solar panel junction box that was opened had a big wire dangling loose! Take a look at the pic below and you may see it for yourself. I have a hunch that this cable may have been loose for awhile before completely disengaging from the clamp. Do you see the corrosion on the loose cable?

In the other pic you may view how the panels were supported in a vertical position. The bottom end of the temporary wood support was screwed into the hinge on MsTioga's roof to prevent the wind from blowing the panel over.

Every junction box was opened to check for loose cable clamps. Every box had some screws that needed tightening!
View of temporary panel supports

Do you see the loose positive cable?