Friday, November 18, 2011

Morning routine

7AM - Morning routine
Out here in our desert camp, we have developed a morning routine. MsTioga starts her mighty engine, and we rotate in a circle until Mr. Sunny's solar panels are aimed at the rising Sun. During the day, we continue that rotation with the goal of obtaining maximum electricity production. When we see the Sun's shadow out of perpendicular to the solar panels, MsTioga rotates again.

Did you know that we only have to tilt Mr. Sunny's solar panels between November and March? During these months, the Sun's transit is low in the sky.  The rest of the year the Sun is pretty high in the sky and leaving the panels lying flat on MsTioga's roof charges the solar battery bank fine.

3PM - Bob and Donna
Bob and Donna have been RVing together for several years. The last time MsTioga and I met up with Bob and Donna was on the Oregon Trail in August, 2007.  You may read about them at their blog site [link].

Bob is a real handy guy. He was a tool and die maker for General Motors for 28 years. So, he knows his way around machine tools. When Bob offered to help me with my solar panel upgrade, I took him up on that offer.

Take a look at the pic below. Bob installed a 650 watt solar panel array himself. The panels tilt up by themselves! In fact, the tilting is controlled thru a timer. They tilt up at 7:15am and tilt down at 5pm! Bob engineered, constructed and installed the tilt mechanism himself.

Bob also installed a wind generator.  Double wow with sugar on it!
Bob Parker and his solar powered RV

Clear & windy