Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving around

8AM - Moving around
MsTioga and I believe that we are very different than most fulltime RVers.  We love to move around.  Even while remaining in the San Diego area as we have for several weeks, every day we change our Camp site.  During the day we might move our Camp once, twice, or even several times.

One of our favorite moves is traveling to our Nite Camp on the mesa.  The mesa is northeast of downtown San Diego. Every morning we come down off the mesa and travel toward the ocean to make our Morning Camp.

MsTioga and I do not understand why moving around is so wonderful for us. But it definitely is! Both of us believe that we would not like it at all to remain in one place for several weeks.

In the pic below, New Mavicita has captured MsTioga Morning Camped at Mission Bay Park. Do you see Mr. Sunny's solar panels nicely tilted? We have not completed the upgrade of the solar panel tilt mechanism yet. We are getting help to complete that upgrade.
MsTioga at Mission Bay Park

Partly cloudy