Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Readers wonder

6AM - Readers wonder
If several emails arrive about one subject, probably there are lots of readers wondering about the same thing. Here are some of those things:
  • Q: Are you still grieving for David?
  • A: No.  I am not grieving.  But I still think about him a lot.  Others who knew him still think of him too.  I received an email from a co-worker of David's who wrote that he has not removed David's phone listing.  He just cannot get himself to do that yet.
  • Q: Why do you keep writing about David? Especially writing that he killed himself?
    A:  I write in my blog about what I do and what goes on in my mind.  I understand that for some readers, the subject of suicide is uncomfortable. However, suicide is not an uncomfortable subject for me. I carry no shame because my son killed himself.  In fact, I believe that my bringing up this subject often is healthy. At least it is for me.
  • Q: Why do you stay in one place?  You hardly move around anymore?
    A: San Diego is a wonderful place. I feel very lucky to be here.  Especially right now because the weather is so nice. Later this week I am flying to the San Francisco Bay area for a few days. There is a birthday party for some of my immediate family members.  When I return to San Diego, I plan to remain here for awhile and then return to Mexico.
  • Q:  Isn't it dangerous in Mexico?
  • A:  There is an unfortunate drug war going on in Mexico.  I was in Mexico for three years during that drug war and I did not experience any problems.
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