Saturday, November 12, 2011

San Diego

7AM - Slipping out of San Diego
It's curious how the moment creeps up to leave.  I reached into the cabinet where our paper maps are stored.  MsTioga wants to know our general direction as we slip out of San Diego on this rainy morning.

As we pull on to the highway heading north, New Mavicita asks if we could stop for a moment so that she may capture a pic.  Looking out of MsTioga's door, the edge of the storm may be seen.  The slightly cleared sky is toward the northeast.  That's where we want to go.

We stop in a shopping center in the Town of Poway to make this blog post. XM Radio is off. Nobody wants to listen to music right now. We prefer the sound of rain drops on MsTioga's roof.
Do you see the storm's edge?

9AM - Outback Steakhouse in Poway
Reader and friend Phil Beukema is the proprietor of the Outback Steakhouse in the City of Poway. For several years, Phil has been treating me to Victoria's Fillet at the Outback on Clairmont Mesa.

While traveling thru Poway this morning, I spotted Phil's Outback and just had to stop and get a pic of his store.  It seems that this is our very first time in Poway!
Thank you, Phil!

11AM - Nite in Ramona
MsTioga and The Team may spend the nite in the Town of Ramona.  We try to be careful with distance traveled while on the move.   We must be careful with distance because MsTioga uses about 50 cents for gasoline for each mile traveled.  So far today, we have traveled 35 miles.

4PM - Wide ranging storm!
A storm has descended on San Diego County. Rain appears to be causing some minor flooding on the streets of the Town of Ramona. 100% chance of thunder storms is forecasted tonite.

So far, MsTioga's roof is holding against the rain and no leaks have been observed.

Steady rain