Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sun

8AM - The Sun
MsTioga and I don't like driving straight toward the Sun. Too blinding. So, we are staying at our Nite Camp until the Sun rises enough. For much of today, MsTioga will be heading toward the east on Interstate 10. When we reach State Highway 85, we will head south toward Mexico.

When we cross the International Border at the Lukeville/Sonoyta crossing, our Verizon/Pantech internet device will stop working. We will be depending on WiFi access points along the way to stay in contact with you. The plan is to buy a Banda Ancha [wide band] device for our internet connection in Mexico. The Banda Ancha is similar to the Verizon/Pantech that we are using now.

4PM - Buckeye, Arizona
MsTioga is staying the nite in the Town of Buckeye, Arizona. We did our laundry here.

We took a drive around town and found an enormous WalMart distribution center. There were several hundred trailers in the parking lot! We were very impressed!

Partly cloudy