Friday, November 11, 2011

T-shirt short pants2

7AM - T-shirt & short pants weather
What is the prime-directive of the TiogaRV Team?  MsTioga believes that our prime-directive is to find T-shirt & short pants weather.

Ever since we began our adventure in 2003, we went north as the spring time ended and summer approached.  Later on in the year as the fall ended and winter approached, we have always gone south into Mexico searching for that perfect weather place.

This year we are planning to enter Mexico for the same reason. Searching for T-shirt & short pants weather. However, there are some things that must be considered first.

  • Internet Access:
  • As you may recall, we no longer use Mr. Datastorm for internet access. Since last spring time, we have been using a Verizon/Pantech UML290 USB Modem in order to go online.  We love the Pantech because it is a simple device and consists only of tiny small card.  In contrast, the Datastorm is a complex electro mechanical product with many components, all of which must function in order for us to go online.  The simplicity of the Pantech is the reason why the switch from Datastorm was made.
    However, the Pantech Modem does not work in Mexico.  What do we do for internet access when the International Border is crossed?
    The huge Mexican company TelMex offers a product called, "Banda Ancha" [Wide Band].  The Banda Ancha is very similar to our present Pantech Modem.  We must be in Mexico in order to go to TelMex and buy a Banda Ancha.  That is our plan.
  • Solar Panel Tilt Assembly
  • The upgrade to our solar panel tilt assembly must be completed.  Several readers have offered to help me complete this upgrade project.  I need their help.  So, before we cross over to Mexico, the upgrade project must be done.
The tiny Pantech