Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for what I have3

7AM - Thankful for what I have
Today I will celebrate Thanksgiving with two couples. Bob and Donna. Bud and Nancy. The turkey bird is stored in Mr. Dometic, the refrigerator inside MsTioga. There is no room in the refrigerators of the other two RVs.

At 7:45am, I'll carry that turkey bird over to Nancy's RV where she will stuff it. Then I'll carry the turkey to Donna's RV where she will roast it. Donna has the largest oven. We plan to eat Thanksgiving supper around 2pm!

Since the tragedy of 2010, I have come to know that I really cannot plan on anything in my life. My life plans me and I must adjust to what happens. This kind of planning is tough for me. Because at my time of life I do not want that kind of responsibility. But there is no escaping in lazy thinking. I have to be ready for whatever comes my way. I believe that I am ready!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

2PM - Thanksgiving party
The five of us gathered together in Bud and Nancy's RV for the Thanksgiving party. Everything was wonderful. For me it was a very special occasion to be invited to share Thanksgiving with these caring people.

The meal included turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yellow mashed squash, homemade bread, cole slaw and red relish. Did I forget anything?

During a quiet time of the meal when nobody spoke, my thoughts turned to my family members celebrating Thanksgiving far away. And I thought of all my family now departed. And in some part of my mind where wishes dwell, I am even now with them all.
Nancy, Bud, Donna, Bob and George