Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two week camp

6AM - Two week camp
Yesterday afternoon after passing thru the Town of Quartzsite, MsTioga headed north to the Town of Bouse. We came to a vast desert area that was signed by the Bureau of Land Management to be free for camping.  So, we decided to Nite Camp here!

After we were here for a couple of hours, a ranger drove up.  The ranger had Mark, the camp host with him. I filled out a registration slip which made my free stay here official.

The plan is to stay here two nites. On Friday Bob will come here and I'll follow him to his camp in the Town of Bouse. Bob is helping me complete the solar tilt assembly upgrade.
MsTioga camped in the vast Arizona desert

3PM - Desert living
If you have following my travels for awhile, you may have guessed that I enjoy living by myself. I like this desert place where MsTioga is Camped. It's a bit dry though. Could use a bit of humidity.

It is very quiet here. The XM radio is mostly off. All that is heard is the sound of the occasional car driving by on the distant Plumosa Road.

Could it be that I'm a hermit? Hmmmm?