Sunday, December 18, 2011


7AM - Adversity
I would like to tell you that I handle adversity well. However, I do not. My recent experiences with the two robberies, the solar panels blowing off MsTioga's roof and the blow out of the dually tire; rocked me! So many bad things in so short a time!

I wondered if God had turned against me? Had I made the wrong decision in returning to Mexico? Were all of these bad things happening to me a warning? Wow!

Not to be forgotten in all of this was that my entire life style was now in flux. I am no longer Vagabonder-Supreme! I am no longer camping wherever I wish. My "Never pay rent" motto has been dashed to pieces!

On the other hand, I did not give up on Mexico. MsTioga and The Team are now living in Aticama. We are in T-shirt and short pants weather!

9AM - Morning Walk
New Mavicita and I decided to go on a Morning Walk to visit our RVing neighbors at the other side of El Chaco. On the way, New Mavicita captured me walking along La Playa de Matanchen [Matanchen Beach].
Jorge on La Playa de Matanchen

11AM - Panels up!
We just checked our solar panel amperage. It's about 11 amps. According to our TriMetric meter, we have 55 amps to go for a full charge. Time to tilt Mr. Sunny's panels!

After tilting, the TriMetric reads 22 amps. That is more like what we need!
Tilted panel view from MsTioga's roof

1PM - RVers go to lunch
Six of the RVers in El Chaco Campground drove up together to lunch in the Town of San Blas. We wanted to go to the San Blas Social Club. However, the kitchen of the Social Club is closed on Sunday. So, we went down the street to eat.
Carole, Carole, Bill, John and Jorge
Lunching in San Blas

Clear sky