Friday, December 30, 2011

Battery compartment repairs

8AM - Battery compartment repairs
Yesterday an appointment was made with Javier the carpenter who lives in the Pueblo of Aticama. The plywood for the battery compartment repairs should be ready for pick up now. However, while talking with Javier this morning, it soon became clear that he wanted to sell solid lumber instead of plywood.

It turns out that 3/4" plywood must be picked up in the City of Tepic. But Javier has a really neat log mill right there in the shop behind his home! I was very surprised to see a piece of equipment like this! Javier has a very  well equipped shop.

I changed my wood order to be made from a milled log instead of plywood. Javier is going to bring the wood to me tomorrow and deliver it to where MsTioga is camped at El Chaco.

9AM - Cleaning battery compartment
When you looked at the pic of Mr. Sunny's battery compartment yesterday, I  bet you thought that it was a terrible black colored mess. And it was! However, although the black mess was battery acid residue, none of that battery acid actually went down thru MsTioga's linoleum.

Upon inspection of the wood flooring below the linoleum, we found no sign of battery acid contamination. All of the damage to MsTioga's floor came from the batteries banging on the floor as we traveled down bumpy roads.

Fleetwood used very inexpensive composite plywood for the floor. If regular grade plywood had been used instead, the floor would have likely held up. As it was, the floor did last about nine years before this damage occurred.
Linoleum after cleanup

10AM - Cable and battery maintenance
Since all of the cables had to be removed in order to rebuild the battery compartment, this was a good time to give the cable ends a good cleaning. It's been at least three years since the last time all the batteries were removed. So, the cable ends had some corrosion build up. A wire brush was used to clean the copper cable ends shiny bright. All the batteries were cleaned too.

The pic below shows the batteries after cleaning. These batteries are being used to power MsTioga's 12 volt DC system.
Temporary 12 volt DC system setup