Monday, December 26, 2011

Blog vs book

6AM - Blog vs book
The Tioga-George blog next year will be nine years old. If my writing were in the form of a book, it could last forever. There are books published by authors who died hundreds of years ago. And those books remain available. Perhaps in libraries. Perhaps covered with a layer of dust. But they remain.

What happens to my blog after I die? Does a blog just remain available for whoever wants to read it? Is a blog forever? When the year 2525 comes, will my Tioga-George blog still be read?

Something to think about! Is publishing a blog the equivalent of immortality? Hmmmm?

12 Noon - El Chaco restaurant
MacBook and I are over at El Chaco restaurant where there is WiFi access. Our Telcel modem stick sometimes is not able to logon to the network in this location. So, we come over to the restaurant.

The restaurant is very nice looking. The chairs are covered with leather. The atmosphere in the open-air restaurant is very tropical. We love that!

I ordered breaded and fried fish for lunch. The waitress just brought my order!
Jorge and MacBook at El Chaco