Monday, December 05, 2011


1AM - Break-in!
Some guy broke into MsTioga this evening. Well, he really did not actually break-in, because I forgot to lock MsTioga's door. He just walked in.

I felt MsTioga move slightly. Immediately I got out of bed. I could see a small flashlight moving in the dining area. I went for him! He practically flew out the door, running down the street, me shouting after him, "Get the hell out of here you damned as*hole!"

I was pretty careless to leave MsTioga's door unlocked. But I guess that I got that way because nothing ever happened before. Until tonite!

The robber did not take anything because he didn't have time. He was only inside MsTioga a few seconds!

8:30AM - On the road to Guaymas
The TiogaRV Team pulled out of Hermosillo at 7am. Right now we are [here], on the road to Guaymas.

MsTioga and I are hoping that the break-in incident of this morning won't cause an increase in tourists staying away from Mexico. We are sure that you know that this kind of thing could happen anywhere. I feel very safe vagabonding in Mexico.

Did you take a peek at where we are right now by clicking on the link above? You may notice on the Google Map, that MsTioga is way out in the boondocks! Apparently Telcel's coverage of the highway is excellent. The Banda Ancha internet connection has not failed since we bought it in Cavorca.

11AM - Kino Bay
We have been invited by Moisheh to visit him in Kino Bay.  Moisheh is famous for helping people on with his knowledge about Mexico.

So far, the road that we have taken to get to Kino Bay has been terrible. MsTioga is being shaken to pieces! Stuff is falling down. Drawers are opening up. The forward roof vent broke! I hope this road gets better soon.

Right now, we are [here].

3PM - A very terrible thing!
A very terrible thing happened on the road to Kino Bay. There was a very loud crack! As though MsTioga had struck something. I immediately pulled over to find out what happened. I could not see anything on the road that had been hit, and all seemed fine underneath MsTioga. I climbed up on the roof and was shocked to see that three solar panels were missing!!

I drove back to find the missing panels. They were not on the side of the highway where we had been driving. I drove along the opposite side of the highway, and there they were! All three still together with the panel side up.

I managed to carry the three solar panels to lean against MsTioga and began dismantling them from each other. It took about an hour to get everything apart and loaded into MsTioga.

We are now in Kino Bay and are parked [here]. MsTioga and I are going now to find Moisheh's home.